MSC Surimi in brine

MSC Surimi in brine MSC Surimi in brine

Surimi is an invention of the Japanese and has been known for many centuries. The basis for Surimi is white fish, such as Pollock. Immediately after capture, the fish are filleted and all skin and bones are removed from the fish fillets. After this procedure the pure fish muscle protein is left, which is frozen aboard. Surimi is often used as imitation for shrimp and crab meat in various dishes, such as salads, rice dishes or as a snack.

Packaging information

Packaging CU Total weight: 250g, drained weight: 135g
EAN code 87 10319 506514
Languages on pack DE
Packaging MC 6 x 135g
Brand options Heiploeg
Cartons/Europallet 320 (20 layers x 16 plastic trays in shrink-wrap)


Scientific name Theragra chalcogramma
Origin North East Pacific (FAO 67)
Treatment Cooked fish preparation
Storage 0-4°C
Shelf life 42 days from production
Use As ingredient and/or topping for salads, in pasta or rice dishes or as a snack
Preparation Ready to eat after draining
Composition 54% Surimi (made with 30% fish) and 46% brine