Wok prawns

Wok prawns Wok prawns

Blanched and peeled Litopenaeus vannamei prawns from GLOBALG.A.P. certified aquaculture with a delisious stir-fry marinade. With Heiploeg wok prawns you can quickly make a healthy and tasty meal with vegetables and rice or noodles. Available in the following flavours: Garlic, Pesto, Thai Green Curry and Sweet & Sour.

Packaging information

Packaging CU 200g in a transparent plastic tray or aluminium tray
Packaging MC 4 x 200g in a neutral carton
Brand options Private label or Heiploeg
Cartons/Europallet 192 (12 layers x 16 cartons)


Scientific name Litopenaeus vannamei
Origin From aqualculture in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ecuador
Size 60-80 pcs/lb
Treatment Blanched
Storage 0-4°C
Shelf life 18 days from production
Use As a meal component
Preparation Stir-fry or pan fry
Composition Prawns (90-95%) in marinade (5-10%), depending on the variety