Heiploeg International B.V.

Heiploeg has grown from a small family company in Zoutkamp to the leading shrimp supplier of Europe. Heiploeg has a modern production centre in Zoutkamp, specialised in chilled shrimp and seafood specialities which are supplied to retailers, foodservice companies and food industry all over Europe.
The Zoutkamp plant features a broad range of facilities, which all have only one objective: developing and supplying a broad range of products with guaranteed freshness and quality, to fulfil our customers' needs and wishes.

Heiploeg: A company with a long and rich history

The history of Heiploeg is closely linked to the history of Zoutkamp. From way back, this traditional fishing area was an important Dutch centre for shrimping because of its location on the estuary of the Reitdiep river and the shore of the Lauwerszee (now dammed).

In view of Zoutkamp's strategic location fishing was the major source of income for its inhabitants. In the early years, the fishermen sailed to sea in open boats. Concurrently with the advent of steam trawler that fished for round fish and flatfish at the North Sea from Zoutkamp, shrimping became more ane more important for Zoutkamp. Shrimp were not just caught for consumption but also for processing into feed (using the so-called 'undersized shrimp').

After World War II Zoutkamp developed into the major Dutch and European shrimping centre. The Zoutkamp based companies Heidema and Van der Ploeg grew strongly during this period. Very soon they began to work in partnership under the name Heiploeg. The Zoutkamp shrimp fleet moved to Lauwersoog out of necessity after the Lauwerszee was dammed in 1969.Heiploeg remained loyal to Zoutkamp as shrimp processor. A steady and well-considered growth led to a large modernisation of the shrimp processing facilities. The company establishments located at various sites throughout Zoutkamp were concentrated on one industrial estate in the early 1980s.

Heiploeg soon became far too large for this location in Zoutkamp due to the increasing demand for shrimp from consumers and the take-overs of variousrelated companies. The decision was therefore taken to build a new plant just outside the former fishing village. This ultramodern plant became operational in 1999 and from this location Heiploeg ensures that you can globally enjoy an abundance of quality products that Heiploeg is proud to supply to its customers.