Heiploeg Suriname

Heiploeg Suriname is a fishing company. The company joined Heiploeg in 2000.
Heiploeg Suriname owns 12 fishing trawlers whose target species is the Seabob shrimp (Xiphopenaeus kroyeri). Seabob is a small white tropical shrimp abundant in the Caribbean region.


Upon landing at the company's jetty, the Seabob shrimp are machine peeled in the primary production unit of the company and - after grading and quality control - immediately frozen. The time between landing of the shrimp and freezing takes no more than 20 minutes, a big plus for the quality of this delicious shrimp. After freezing, the shrimp are shipped to Europe for further processing and packing at the European Heiploeg companies.

The Suriname Atlantic Seabob fishery obtained the MSC certification in 2011. It was the first tropical shrimp fishery worldwide to obtain the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for sustainable and well managed fisheries. Heiploeg Suriname is MSC certified.