Heitrans is Heiploeg's transport company, specialised in refrigerated and frozen transport. Heitrans was founded in 1987 in order to be able to also carry out transport for third parties in order to prevent 'empty rides' as much as possible: trucks driving to the German or Danish coast to collect North Sea Shrimp landed there, can deliver e.g., fruit and vegetables from the Netherlands and after unloading pick up the shrimp for transport to Zoutkamp.

Nowadays, Heitrans trucks only cover transport to and from the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and the North of France, but has close cooperations - leading to many synergies - with other transport companies that also consider quality and sustainability of paramount importance. Through these cooperations Heiploeg continues to rely on a very reliable transport division supplying Heiploeg's customers timely and correctly. All transport is organised and coordinated centrally by Heitrans in Zoutkamp.

Heitrans has 31 trailers and 16 trucks, driven by 19 drivers who all have the necessary qualifications and certifications. The trucks are equipped according to state-of-the-art technologies and can transport both chilled and frozen products in a responsible manner. All truck/trailer combinations dispose of state-of-the-art communication equiptment, such as a black box and a tracking & tracing system. This allows temperature control in all our trailers via satellite and alerting the planning department in case of exceeding maximum temperature levels.

In order to assure the best possible quality, Heitrans has been certified according to ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 22000:2005. Although this is not a legal regulation, all Heitrans drivers have ATP qualifications for the transport of perishable products. Code 95 has already been fully integrated at Heitrans.

Key principles of Heitrans are: cooperation, safety, speed, flexibility, hygiene and sustainability. Investments in a CO2 refrigerated trailer (CryoTech), five double-decked trailers and an Eco-combi have certainly contributed to efficiency and sustainability. The Heitrans fleet is maintained by trusted dealers. Every Hetrans trailer is checked by the dealers at least four times per year by way of preventative maintenance and in order to prevent stand-still.

Synergy is the core of Heitrans' vision: Invest in the future. Multi-lateral cooperation. Investments in equipment and in people. Always put Heiploeg's customers first.