TK Fish

Our brown shrimp are peeled by hand in our own peeling station in Tetouan, Morocco. The shrimp are bought at the fish auctions in the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany and after collection transported to Morocco by truck.

The peeling is done in a state of the art facility that is under supervision from Heiploeg’s QA team in Zoutkamp. Upon arrival in Morocco the shrimp are unloaded and kept at a temperature of 0°C before peeling. Peeling is done in large conditioned rooms by in total some 2,500 people, mostly women, under well controlled circumstances. The peeling rooms are kept cool. All employees wear gloves, hairnets and mouthmasks in order to prevent contamination of the shrimps. Heiploeg Zoutkamp's QA department carries out regular quality audits in Morocco.

After peeling, the shrimp are preserved and transported back to the Netherlands in order to be packed at the Zoutkamp processing plant.