Technological innovation

Producing shrimp products, in particular fresh shrimp products, is a specialisation that is found at only a few companies globally. Technique and technology must, accordingly, often be developed in-house. Our own people, supported by external experts where necessary, are always looking for and working on innovations. These could be related to the area of product development but also to technology: for obtaining an efficient operational management system in the factory, reducing the risk of shrimp contamination, improving working methods for employees and reducing the environmental effect of our processing activities.

All ingredients used for processing shrimp are made in-house from pure food-grade basic materials such as salts, citric acids. This way of working means that we know exactly which materials come into contact with the shrimp, for example, when preserving.

By constantly performing tests at our internal laboratory and externally, these technologies and methods of preparation are continuously being improved.
Heiploeg also designs a large part of the processing machines used in the factory. Quality and efficiency of the processing process are, of course, taken into account when designing and building machines but we also take working conditions for staff (safety, noise levels) and environmental aspects (energy requirements) into consideration.