Crayfish in brine (900g)

Crayfish in brine (900g) Crayfish in brine (900g)

This originally American species was introduced for farming in China in the twenties. As a consequence of escapes the species developed in the fresh water lakes and rivers in China. Crayfish are caught in a responsible way, using extensive fishing methods such as traps and net fishing.

Packaging information

Packaging CU Total weight: 1,500g, drained weight: 900g
EAN code 87 10319 003358
SAP 400344
Languages on pack GB, FR, NL, DE, IT, ES
Packaging MC 6 x 900g
Brand options Heiploeg
Cartons/Europallet 72 (8 layers x 9 plastic trays in shrink-wrap)


Scientific name Procambarus clarkii
Origin From inland fishery in China
Treatment Cooked and peeled
Storage 0-4°C
Shelf life 42 days from production
Use As ingredient and/or topping for salads, in pasta or rice dishes
Preparation Ready to eat after draining
Composition 60% crayfish and 40% brine