Peeled Pink shrimp in brine

Peeled Pink shrimp in brine Peeled Pink shrimp in brine

Heiploeg uses the family name Penaeidae to denominate a group of tropical wild catch prawns and shrimp, sold in a mix as they are caught.

Packaging information

Packaging CU Total weight: 250g, drained weight: 150g
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Packaging MC 6 x 150g
Brand options Heiploeg
Cartons/Europallet 320 (20 layers x 16 plastic trays in shrink-wrap)
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Scientific name Penaeidae
Origin Indian Ocean and Western Central Atlantic Ocean
Size Extra: 60-80 pcs/lb; Jumbo: 80-120 pcs/lb; Large: 100-200 pcs/lb; Medium: 200-300 pcs/lb
Treatment Peeled and cooked, undeveined (PUD)
Storage 0-4°C
Shelf life 42 days from production
Use As ingredient and/or topping for salads, in pasta or rice dishes or as pizza topping
Preparation Ready to eat after draining
Composition 60% prawns and 40% brine