Blue mussel meat

Blue mussel meat

In the past fresh mussels were only available in the months with an "r" in their name; modern cooling and preservation technology makes them available year round. Mussels are filter feeders - meaning that they filter plankton and other small organisms that float in the water - and live in tidal areas.

Species information

Commercial name Blue mussel
Scientific name Mytilus edulis
Famliy Mytilidae
Catch area North-East Atlantic Ocean
Catch method Mussel dredge and bottom culture
Catch season Year round except June, July and August
Estimated volume/year 30,000 T Limfjord fishery and 56,600 T Netherlands, both MSC
Available as Frozen and chilled, cooked mussel meat
Available sizes Meat: 200-300 pcs/lb up to 500-800 pcs/lb
Sustainability details Blue mussels from Limfjord in Denmark have an MSC certificate since 2010. Dutch blue mussels were MSC certified in 2011 and more mussel fisheries are under assessment.
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