This originally American species was introduced for farming in China in the twenties; as a consequence of escapes the species developed in the fresh water lakes and rivers in China.

Species information

Commercial name Crayfish
Scientific name Procambarus clarkii
Famliy Cambaridae
Catch area Inland fishery in China
Catch method Net fishing, traps
Catch season April-June
Estimated volume/year 520.000 T (source: FAO 2009)
Available as Chilled and frozen, mostly cooked and peeled
Available sizes U100 pcs/lb up to 250-300 pcs/lb (mixed size, cooked and peeled)
Sustainability details The fishery is already very sustainable: fishing methods are extensive, no bottom destruction, low energy cost, no overfishing, no ghostfishing, no unobserved mortality and no by-catch.
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