Giant squid

Giant squid

Giant squid are caught at night by attracting them with light. They can measure up to two metres (mantle). Fishermen gave them the nick name 'red devil' because they are very aggressive, even after being caught. Giant squid live in large schools and feed on krill, fish and eat their own weak or sick school companions. They can be found from Tierra del Fuego till California, but sometimes even occur in Alaska.

Species information

Commercial name Giant squid or Humboldt squid
Scientific name Dosicidus gigas
Famliy Ommastrephidae
Catch area Eastern Pacific Ocean - FAO 87 (landed in Peru, Mexico)
Catch method Jig gear and trawling
Catch season May-August
Estimated volume/year 526.044 T (US continent, source: FAO 2009)
Available as Chilled cooked (as part of seafood mix) and frozen, blanched or cooked, as part of seafood mix.
Available sizes Buttons
Sustainability details So far, there are no giant squid fisheries with a sustainability certification. No big sustainability issues: stock is considered healthy and when caught with jig gear, fishing is selective with no impact on the seabed.
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