Chilean mussel meat

frozen chilled
Chilean mussel meat

The Chilean mussels are caught and cultivated in the cold nutrient rich waters in Chile and grow on ropes.
Around 74% of Chilean mussel meat is exported to Europe.
Mussels are filter feeders meaning that they filter plankton and other small organisms that float in the water.


Species information

Commercial name
Chilean mussel meat
Scientific name

Mytilus chilensis

Catch area
Catch method
Catch and grow
Catch season

Harvest: November/December-June

Estimated volume/year


Available as
Frozen and chilled, cooked
Available sizes
Meat: 100-200 pcs/lb up to 300-500 pcs/lb
Sustainability details

The Chilean mussel fishery and suspended culture from which Heiploeg sources their mussel meat are MSC certified available.

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