North Sea shrimp

frozen chilled
North Sea shrimp

North Sea (brown) shrimp have a cryptic colouration, being a sandy brown colour, which can be changed to match the environment.
They live in shallow water, which can also be slightly brackish, and feed nocturnally. During the day, they remain buried in the sand to escape predators.
The shrimp are always cooked on board the vessel in seawater. Most of the brown shrimp are hand-peeled in Morocco.

Species information

Commercial name
North Sea shrimp or brown shrimp
Scientific name

Crangon crangon

Catch area
North Sea
Catch method
Shrimp trawl
Catch season

Year round with a peak in September-October

Estimated volume/year


Available as
Chilled: cooked whole and peeled - Frozen: cooked and peeled
Available sizes
Whole: three sizes: Moyennes, Grosses, Très Grosses - Peeled: one size
Sustainability details

The brown shrimp fisheries in the Netherlands and Germany are under MSC assessment. Crangon crangon is a dynamic species and the stock is no issue. Sieving on board allows to put most by-catch overboard alive.

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