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Seafood Duo Seafood Duo

Our Seafood Duos are available in two varieties, both mixtures of blanched Seabob shrimp and GLOBALG.A.P. certified vannamei prawns in a delicious oriental or mediterranean marinade. 
Wild Seabob shrimp are caught with our own vessels in the warm tropical waters along the shores of Suriname, from sustainable and well managed stocks. The Suriname Seabob fishery is the world's first-ever MSC certified tropical shrimp fishery. 
Vannamei prawns are responsibly cultivated in warm tropical seawater, according to the GLOBALG.A.P. certification standard. 
Our Seafood Duos are perfect for stir-fries and/or to quickly prepare a delightful and healthy meal, adding vegetables and rice or noodles.

Product information

Scientific name

Xiphopenaeus kroyeri and Litopenaeus vannamei


Seabob shrimp from MSC certified fishery in Suriname, L. vannamei prawns cultivated in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Ecuador


Seabob shrimp (62%), L. vannamei prawns (33%), marinade (5%)


Seabob shrimp: 200-300 pcs/lb; L. vannamei prawns: 60-120 pcs/lb


Seabob shrimp: Peeled and blanched; L. vannamei prawns: Cooked & peeled

Shelf life
18 days from production
As a meal component
(Stir-)fry briefly (3-4 minutes) in a wok or pan, with vegetables if desired. Serve with rice or noodles.

Packaging information

Packaging CU
200g in a transparent plastic tray
Packaging MC
4 x 200g in a neutral carton
Brand options
Private label or Heiploeg
192 (12 layers x 16 cartons)
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