Northern prawns

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Northern prawns

The Northern prawn is a hermaphrodite and starts its life as a male; after 4-5 years it turns female.
The species is found mostly in areas with soft, muddy sediment where temperatures range from 1-6°C at a depth between 150 and 600 metres.
The prawns spawn in the autumn and the females carry the eggs until April/May when they hatch.


Species information

Commercial name
Northern prawn
Scientific name

Pandalus borealis* and Pandalus jordani**

Catch area
*North West Atlantic / **North east Pacific
Catch method
Otter trawl
Catch season


Estimated volume/year


Available as
Mostly available cooked and peeled, or as cooked whole prawns, frozen and chilled
Available sizes
Peeled: 150-250, 250-350, 300-500, 400-600 pcs/lb - Whole: 90-120 pcs/kg
Sustainability details

There are MSC certified Pandalus borealis and Pandalus jordani fisheries.

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