Seabob shrimp

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Seabob shrimp

Seabob is a small-sized white shrimp with a sweet taste. The shrimp are caught by Heiploeg's own vessels and immediately processed upon landing in Heiploeg's automated processing plants in Suriname and Guyana. The raw peeled shrimp are then further processed and packed in Heiploeg's plants in Zoutkamp, the Netherlands.

Suriname Atlantic Seabob shrimp Seabob

Species information

Commercial name
Scientific name

Xiphopenaeus kroyeri

Catch area
Central-Western Atlantic Ocean (Suriname & Guyana)
Catch method
Twin rig otter trawl
Catch season

Suriname: year round - Guyana: closing season September-October

Estimated volume/year


Available as
Peeled deveined or undeveined shrimp - Frozen: raw, blanched, cooked - Chilled: blanched, cooked
Available sizes
Peeled deveined: 130-150, 150-200 pcs/lb, Peeled undeveined: 90-110, 110-130, 150-200, 200-300, 300-500 pcs/lb, brokens.
Sustainability details

The Suriname Seabob fishery has been MSC certified in November 2011, being the first tropical shrimp fishery in the world to achieve this certificate. The MSC assessment process for the Guyanese Seabob fishery has been started in 2013.

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