Vannamei prawns

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Vannamei prawns

Vannamei prawns are originally from Central and South America. They largely replaced native Penaeus monodon in Asia as the most farmed shrimp. They are more resistant to disease and there are more harvests in a year. Vannamei prawns live in tropical marine habitats.

Global G.A.P.

Species information

Commercial name
Vannamei prawns or whiteleg prawns
Scientific name

Litopenaeus vannamei

Farm area
Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, Ecuador, Colombia
Harvest season
Two-three times/year
Estimated volume/year


Available as
HOSO (cooked), HLSO, peeled (PD), PTO, frozen and chilled. Frozen: raw, blanched, cooked - Chilled: cooked
Available sizes
HOSO: 31-40 up to 80-120 pcs/kg - Peeled: 31-35 up to 100-200 pcs/lb - HLSO: 16-20 up to 61-70 pcs/lb (also easy peel)
Sustainability details

Heiploeg aims to source all vannamei prawns from GLOBALG.A.P. certified sources. Certified organic vannamei prawns are available from Ecuador.

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