Wild catch tropical prawns

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Wild catch tropical prawns

Heiploeg uses the family name Penaeidae to denominate a group of tropical wild catch prawns and shrimp, sold in a mix as they are caught (pinks and browns) or by specific species such as P. Stylifera (Karikadi), Indian Flowers, deep sea reds.

Species information

Commercial name
Wild catch tropical prawns
Scientific name


Catch area
Indian Ocean
Catch method
Catch season

East coast India: June-April - West coast India: August-June

Estimated volume/year


Available as
HLSO, PUD, PD (cut/pin) - Frozen (raw, blanched, cooked) and chilled (cooked)
Available sizes
HLSO: 16-20 pcs/lb up to 90-110 pcs/lb - PUD: 20-40 up to 300-500 pcs/lb - PD: 21-25 up to 80-120 pcs/lb
Sustainability details

So far, there are no tropical prawn fisheries in India with a sustainability certification.

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