Black Tiger prawns

frozen chilled
Black Tiger prawns

Size wise Black Tiger prawns are the largest commercially available prawns and get their name from the tiger stripes on their back.
Though grey & black when raw, the prawns get a beautiful red colour when cooked.
Black Tiger prawns are cultivated in tropical seawater.

Species information

Commercial name
Black tiger prawns/Giant tiger prawns
Scientific name

Penaeus monodon

Farm area
India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam
Harvest season
2 crops per year
Estimated volume/year


Available as
Head On Shell On, Headless Shell On (Easy-Peel), Peeled deveined. Frozen: raw, blanched, cooked. Chilled: cooked.
Available sizes
Whole: 8-12 pcs/kg up to 31-40 pcs/kg - main size 16-20 pcs/kg. Peeled: 16-20 pcs/lb up to 41-50 pcs/lb - HLSO: 13-15 up to 31-40 pcs/lb
Sustainability details

A few farms are ASC certified.

All packaging options
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